Oqo Model 02: Giving Other UMPCs a Run for Their Money

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The Skinny It's being touted as the world's smallest Vista-capable PC and from what we saw at ShowStoppers this evening, we have to agree. This sexy little siren weighs exactly one pound yet manages to squeeze in an impressive amount of processing power. Plus, it's got built-in mobile broadband. There's even a dock that integrates an external optical drive.

Geared Toward With its come hither looks, the Oqo Model 02 is geared toward the tech elite, those that must have the greatest gadgets the minute they're announced and require Net access 24/7/.

The Spin Fujitsu wowed us last night with their UMPC concept, but then they broke our heart when they told us there was no way in hell it was coming out. Well, looks like we found ourselves a new crush.


Counterspin At $1,499, the new Model 02 will take a big bite from your savings account. You could get more power and a bigger screen if you just buy a notebook.

Buy It If... Your ultraportable is starting to feel a little heavy.

Oqo Model 02 [Gizmodo]


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Tyeron Jay Hammontree

seriously.. i think if this thing came with goggles and a freespace fingerboard.. i'd prolly jump on it.