We attended OQO's launch party on Monday evening, during which they showed off their updated e2 UMPC with embedded HSDPA. Unfortunately, the revised e2 will only be made available to European and Asian markets. However, do not feel out of love, my US inhabiting buddies:


OQO's O2 model, previously released Stateside, is compatible with EV-DO 3G networks. If you are desperate for a speed boost up to 3.6Mbps, why not try hacking your $1,300+ machine? Bear in mind, importing the new e2 will not serve you well, as the HSDPA module is not compatible with US HSDPA bands. So, what did we make of the new(ish) UMPC?

Having had our grubby paws all over the e2, we can say it is as sexy as ever. It has the same solid weighty feel we love, and the screen is 5.6" of utter glory. The 1.6Ghz VIA processor and 1GB RAM seemed to hold up Vista well enough; the automatic network configuration, with Wi-Fi support for 802.11 a/b/g and backward compatibility for GPRS, is a welcomed feature. Bluetooth 2.0 also makes an appearance on the spec sheet, but is all this enough? With a battery life of less than 2.5 hours, a cramped keyboard and a price point above £1099 ($2,240), the viability of such a device is still questionable. Asus Eee, anyone? [Product Page]

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