Oral-B's Triumph Keeps Your Chompers Clean by Telling You How to Brush

We got the chance to play with Oral-B's new Triumph electric toothbrush this afternoon. The $149 brush comes with a palm-size wireless display (it uses RF technology to communicate) that provides real-time feedback as you're brushing so it lets you know how much time you've spent brushing and also what quadrant of your mouth you should be brushing.

The Triumph doesn't have any ultrasound waves like other brushes, but for all you sensitive gum types (like myself), the brush has four modes: polish, brush, clean and massage. There's even a built-in pressure sensor that keeps you from brushing too hard. The brush comes out this September for $149.


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Do we need further proof that Americans are a bit over-the-top on oral care? I know that the Limeys have lost half their teeth by the age of 22, but somehow that seems more attractive than having this thing in the bathroom nagging me to brush me teeth right. If I wanted that, I would brush my teeth in the same bathroom with my wife.

(Honey, you aren't reading these, are you?)