Organizing your contacts in Gmail historically atrocious. And now, thanks in part to the demise of Google+, it's about to become way better.

How? Basically, Google is taking some of the better features of Google+ and blending them with the some of the better features of Gmail Contacts. The new Google Contacts—the search giant stops short of mentioning Google+ in the announcement—has a great and fantastically easy-to-read Material Design look, and it populates all of your contacts with information from their Google+ profiles, assuming your friends have Google+ profiles at all.

The new Google Contacts also make it easier to get rid of duplicate entries and keeping entries up to date "by blending your contact's Google profile information with the stuff you already have." Read: Salvaging Google+ data. Most useful-sounding, however, is a new feature that shows recent emails and meetings with a specific contact. Now you know who the heck all those randoms are! It's like Inbox for your contacts list. You can go try it out for yourself at Google's preview link while you wait for it to roll out. [Gmail Blog via Engadget]

Images via Google