Click to viewLeopard finally gets its second patch, and boy does it fix a lot of stuff. The first patch hit back in November, with test builds of the second making it out a month later. Here's a list of the major things the 10.5.2 patch fixes (including menubar transparency and Stacks).


• Airport connection reliability and stability (we've noticed some problems personally, and so have you)


• Back to my Mac for third-party routers

• Dashboard widget performance improvement

• Stacks fix! List view, Folder view, and updated background for Grid Vid View

• Menubar transparency disabling

• Less translucent menus

• Several iCal recurring meetings supports, bug fixes overall

• iChat Bugfixes

• iSync support added for Samsung D600E and D900i phones

• Finder bugfixes

• Mail bugfixes

• AFP network volume hanging fixed

• RAW support improved

• Preview bugfixes

• Time Machine bugfixes (some external drives not being recognized)

Plus lots of various other fixes (we tried to cover only the hot ones here). We'll have a full list shortly.


More info here [Apple]

There's also a Leopard Graphics Update 1.0 that comes after you install the 10.5.2 update, which according to Ars, it's just a set of updated graphics card drivers.