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We're usually pretty soft on Apple even though their cooler-than-thou attitude grates on the hung-over brain now and again. However, they have a worm! And it's a doozy!

Well, not really. Basically, the OSX.Inqtana.A spreads itself through Bluetooth when you restart your PC. This assumes you have lots of Bluetooth-enabled Macs hanging out and it also assumes the user is very dumb and won't notice a bunch of Bluetooth activity popping up all over your screen and the following symptoms:

Unexpected request for file transfer via the Bluetooth OBEX Push service. Presence of one or more of the following files: /Users/w0rm-support.tgz /Users/com.pwned.plist /Users/com.openbundle.plist


Otherwise, I think this great that the ha><0rs are moving to OSX. It forces script kiddies to learn Darwin/FreeBSD, making them potentially more valuable when/if they graduate college.

Worm targets Macs via Bluetooth [CNN]