Christian from Defense Tech is at the Modern Day Marine Expo, where instead of having girls in mini-bikinis caressing speedboats and yachts, they have girls in mini-bikinis caressing torpedoes and gatling guns. Like this one on board the Osprey, which uses a controller with the same shape and functionality of an Xbox 360 gamepad. The GAU-17, as this gatling gun is called, drops from the belly of the Osprey when needed. The crew chief—not the pilot—uses the gamepad and a targeting monitor to fire it. The targeting monitor—which also corrects targeting automatically for angle and speed—is connected to a sensor which houses a CCD camera, IR camera and laser range finder. The GAU-17 is not limited in one axis, but covers the entire field of battle, moving all across 360 degrees. However, since the Osprey engines move from horizontal to vertical orientation depending on the maneuver, the targeting software limits the fire range so the rotors can't get damaged. The pilot can also activate a mode that fixes the gun in a forward configuration, allowing for traditional targeting without having to use the gamepad. [Defense Tech]


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