Our Only Hope For a BTTF Hoverboard That Actually Hovers

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When we first saw Mattel's official Back to the Future II hoverboard, the whole world exclaimed: FINALLY! Then we found out it doesn't really hover. Well today, my friends, we're one step closer to a people-lead, hoverboard-inventing revolution.

This DIY hoverboard posted by YouTube user dondula7 hovers better than any we've ever seen before, but really we should see it as a call to action. A challenge to the world to do better.


Inspired by a previous hoverboard design from Nils Guadagnin, dondula7's hoverboard uses a two pairs of electromagnets to float the hoverboard in the air, and laser stabilization to keep it steady. From the video it appears that dondula7 might be using larger magnets, and that this board hovers higher than its predecessor. While it's not strong enough to float the weight of a human, it will support up to 5 pounds—you know, so you can float a gecko or something.


So I know what you're thinking, the technology doesn't look like it has progressed that much. Don't you see? The only way we're ever going to get a real hoverboard is if the community of DIY enthusiasts and inventors takes up the cause with passion. We've seen what happens when we trust companies with our science fiction dreams. We got Nike Air Mags that don't lace themselves up and an official Mattel hoverboard that doesn't even freaking hover. Replicas are great, but these innovations are within our capacity, people. Think I'm crazy? Marty McFly thought Doc was crazy, too. [Crave]