Our Zune 3 Wishlist

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Now that the Zune 2 features and services are all known, we should look ahead to what's coming in Zune 3—at least, what we want to come in Zune 3. It's not to say that we're not satisfied with Wi-Fi syncing and Windows Media Center content support, it's that, well, it's capable of so much more. Here's what we want in Zune 3:


• Xbox 360 support: How about streaming content from your Zune onto your 360 via Wi-Fi? How about watching content you've downloaded or rented from your 360 with your Zune on the go?

• iTunes Syncing/Compatibility: This is a long shot, but it would be fantastic for people who had either an iPhone or an iPod to be able to manage both their Zune music libraries and their Apple music libraries in one place without re-importing their stuff every time.

• Kill the 3 Play Limitation: You know what we're talking about. At the very least, let's up it to 10 plays.

• Playlist sharing: Think of sending a digital mix tape to your friends

• More codec support: OGG, FLAC

• Kiosk downloads: That old rumor about hearing a song at a store (say Starbucks) and immediately being able to download that song to your Zune via a kiosk.

• Wi-Fi Music Store: Not a huge priority for us, but it's somewhat cool.

• Gaming: We know it's not coming, but being able to play some puzzle or arcade games on the Zune—especially multiplayer ones with other Zunes over Wi-Fi—would be great.

• Zune Phone: Again, a while off, but imagine all the Zune sharing features but nation-wide, over the cellular network.

• Audible support: As of now, the new Zunes still don't support Audible. It's not that important to us, but some people enjoy books on tape.

What do you want to see?



Xvid/DivX support, and the ability to sync with Windows Media Player and not just the Zune software.