Zune 2 Roundup

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Asleep when all the Zune news was announced last night? Here's your chance to catch up. From Zune details to UI videos, it's all here:
More Zune 2 Details: Lossless Support, Glass Screens, Green is the New Brown
Gates Talks Zune 2
First Video of Zune 2 and Flash Zune
First-Gen Zune Getting All The New Features: This is How You Treat Your Customers
Sizemodo: Zunes vs. iPods
Zune 2 and Flash Zune Official
First Official Zune 2 and Zune Flash Photos

Lets not forget all the Pre-release stuff:
Zune Getting Media Center Video Integration?
What the Hell is a Zune Pad?!
Zune 2 Price
Zune 2 Getting Wireless Syncing, DRM-Free Music, Video Downloads, Colors
Zune 2 Launch: Excited?
Flash Zune Specs Leaked by FCC
Zune 1 Getting New Firmware, Features
Zune 2 Hard Drive and Flash Models Leaked?
Rumor: Zune 2 Launches Tomorrow
Zune Scene Predicts Zune 2 on October 16th


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* The sleeping Apple fanboy monster rises from a long slumber* First off Zune sucks as does Bill Gates. I have never seen anyone on my college campus with a zune, just lots and lots of ipods. Why the hell would I want to 'lend' a song to a friend when I could just burn a cd for them to download to their itunes library and then they could listen to the songs for as long as they want. Instead of the half ass 3 plays or 3 days limit on the Zune. How many people have wifi? As far as apple sees it not enough to put in a costly feature that most people won't be able to use. In the iPod camp we have well pretty much everybody in modern society, in the Zune camp...Wait is that crickets I hear? Or is that Zune owners turned Emo who are wimpering while cutting them selfs saying "Why oh why did I buy a Zune and not an iPod?"Look at how many iPod accessories there are compared to Zune its about a million to 20. The iPod is l33t.....