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Microsoft Prepping Zune Filling Stations

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Prepping Zune Filling Stations

According to Microsoft's business chief Chris Stephenson, the company is planning on working with retail chains to provide "filling stations" for the Zune. Such classy places as McDonalds and Starbucks would be the idea place for Zune owners to hop in and download a song or two.


Imagine going to your late teens/early twenties clothing store, hearing a great song over the speakers, and being able to immediately download the track to your Zune right there. No need to walk up to the snarky cashier and ask her what the song is. Cool, eh?

This definitely jives with what Stephenson said before about shrinking down Zunes and releasing one with "true" Wi-Fi.


Microsoft wants Wi-Fi 'filling stations' for Zune II [The Register via Uber Gizmo]

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Wow. This is the first thing I've read about the Zune that made me think "Wow - cool". Now I'm thinking about things like letting people "fill" their Zune off of their buddies Xbox 360, at a nightclub, etc. Imagine being a band and being able to sell your albums directly at a concert by setting up a portable laptop "download station". Or - with a video version - selling movies to people waiting in the airport via wireless download just before they get on a plane.

Now, I'm a luddite who is still happy with his 512MB Jens of Sweden MP3 and hasn't even upgraded to an iPod yet ... but this is starting to get interesting.

Looking at what the Xbox has done in 6 short years, I'd be very worried if Microsoft decides this kind of device is "mission critical". Eventually they will get it right.