Outrageous Audio Equipment: A Call for Examples

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We've been running into quite a few high-end audiophile devices lately, some of them outlandishly priced. Cases in point: those $7250 speaker wires from Pear Cable, or that $6,820 wooden volume control in the pic above. We're wondering how far this audiophile affinity goes, and would like for you to help us. What's the most outrageous audio product you've seen? Send us your nomination in the form of a URL to tips AT gizmodo.com, and we'll put together a gallery of all the most extreme entries. We're not necessarily making value judgments about whether any of these products actually make any difference or not, we just want to have a grand exhibition of the extravagant lengths to which audiophile products have extended. Have they gone overboard? Let's line them all up along with their prices, and then we'll let them speak for themselves.



I seem to recall hearing a quote about these things once to the effect of "spending $50,000 to reproduce sound that originally came out of a $50 amp."