Over 80% Of You Had a Smooth Windows 7 Install Experience

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Given Microsoft's rocky past with installs, I expected a lot of negative responses to yesterday's question about your Windows 7 experience. However, over 80% of you encountered little or no problems with your install.

In fact, 67% of respondents claimed that their install experience was "excellent". After skimming over some of your comments I was truly surprised at how many times I came across words like "great" and "flawless". I also noticed that the majority of issues people were having stemmed from hardware manufacturers that have been slow to update drivers—not Microsoft.


All-in-all, this is a very encouraging sign—Microsoft really seems to have their shit together on this one. Still, if you are having problems, make sure to consult our Windows 7 coverage for some tips and tricks.

UPDATE: If you were experiencing problems with your Student Edition upgrades from Digital River, Microsoft has issued a fix.


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Gawn Til November

i had to install this 3 times... the 64 bit version wouldnt install....

the RC 64bit version installed fine.. the actual Upgrade would not


so i had to install the 32 bit version instead......... FML #windows7install