Overclock Your T-Mobile SDA And Run Skype

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Who needs an actual dedicated Skype phone when you can mod your T-Mobile SDA to run Skype? We know, the standard SDA isn't fast enough to run Skype and causes a 10 second delay whenever you make a call. That's why you're going to increase the clock rate!

This isn't for the faint-of-heart or the novice-of-computer, since you're going to be unlocking and making some changes to your phone that may well brick it if anything goes wrong. In the end, your processor speed will be running at 240MHz, which will probably drain your battery a bit faster than normal. However, now you get to make Skypeout calls for free wherever there's a WiFi connection. If any readers try it, come back and let us know how it works.


Using Skype and Unlocking your T-Mobile SDA [Ken Keiter via MAKE]

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