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You can tell digital photo frames are getting to be a commodity item when designers go far afield, even creating egg-shaped units to adorn the desktops of novelty-crazed grandmas and their minions. But eggs, yeah, chicks like them, don't they? That notwithstanding, this one has such a tiny screen you almost need a microscope to see it—a 1.5-inch color display on which to show your JPEG and BMP photos.

Since it holds low-res 128x128 pixel images, its 8MB of built-in flash memory might go a long way if you're one who doesn't mind cropping, resizing and editing pictures. When you get tired of looking at those postage-stamp-sized pics, you can always use this thing as a clock. No price was attached to this egg-shaped picture player just yet.


Just feel lucky I didn't use the puns that initially popped into my head for use in this post's headline, having something to do with the words exactly and excellent. [Cool Sources, via 7 Gadgets]

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