Illustration for article titled Pack This Rolling BB-8 Suitcase For Your Next Trip to Tatooine

Like the Empire’s seemingly unending supply of Death Stars, Disney continues to roll out new Star Wars merchandise ahead of its upcoming license-to-print-money known as The Force Awakens. You probably don’t need a tiny carry-on suitcase shaped like BB-8, but when has a lack of need ever stopped you from spending?


Giving credit where credit is due, Disney and Lucasfilm didn’t just slap some BB-8 graphics on a rectangular roller. This $60 curvy carry-on does genuinely look like BB-8, minus the spherical rolling body. At just 21-inches tall it’s probably better suited for packing a toddler’s travel gear than a grown-up Star Wars fan’s wardrobe, but in a pinch you can certainly squeeze a Jedi robe and lightsaber in there. [Disney Store via Damn Geeky]

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