Paizo Takes a Stand Against AI-Generated Art

The TTRPG publisher states it will not use algorithm-generated imagery or text in any of its books.

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Image: Paizo | Illustration by Wayne Reynolds

As the fight over licensing rights in the tabletop industry begins to die down, Paizo has turned its attention to another issue of contention: AI-generated art. Talking broadly about both generated text and images, Paizo has stated on its blog that it will not employ the use of such tools because of the “ethical and legal issues” as well as the “serious threat they pose to the livelihoods” of artists and writers.

Paizo says that it “made its reputation with the assistance of countless traditional artists and writers, who are just as integral to the success of our games as our in-house editors, art directors, designers, and developers.” The firm stance is backed up by a promise to include anti-algorithm language into creative contracts. The company will additionally forbid AI-generated content on its Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinite programs, which are third-party marketplaces where independent creators can sell work that is compatible with Paizo games.


“So long as the ethical and legal circumstances surrounding these programs remains murky and undefined, we are unwilling to associate our brands with the technology in any way,” Paizo said in its statement.

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