Palm Centro to Sprint to the Streets in Two Weeks for $99.99

There have been spy shots and leaked official photos, and now Sprint just made it official that the Palm Centro will find itself in someone's hot little hand on October 14 for a mere $99.99. And looky there, it's got a surprising color slathered onto it, too.


Just in case everyone is completely bored with everything Palm makes these days, the company painted up this pony in fire engine red, certain to excite those who wear red dresses on Fridays or maybe beasts that fight for their bovine lives in certain bullrings in Spain. Oh wait, red's called Garnet, but Palm Centro still comes in black, too. Anyway, the $100 price as after a $100 mail-in rebate, and you must sign up for $25 data plan. Small price for a small phone, with small features.

In case you're still interested in this trinket after that uncalled-for diatribe, the phone can handle email, text and IM messages, let's you listen to MP3s, can view Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files, and it also has contacts and schedules on board. So hey, that's a lot of stuff inside this little phone; maybe its features aren't so tiny after all. [Sprint's Palm Centro site]

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