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Most of Palm's retail outlets are little satellite offerings in malls and airport terminals. But according to intrepid reader Adam, Palm is planning to open a full-fledged brick and mortar store in Los Angeles (apparently really close to Apple's LA flagship store). As with the other outlets, the idea is to let would-be consumers handle the Palm devices to see if they really want it, as well as have staff on-hand to answer questions (which will inevitably double with the introduction of Windows Mobile as an OS). The appeal of this remains to be seen though — Palm handhelds don't have that much immediate eye appeal, and I question whether the techno-masses will latch on to this as they have the Apple Stores. Personally, I like the idea of retail stores like these — it makes it that much easier to buy product and get immediate tech support. The Los Angeles store is set to open in November this year.

[Thanks Adam]

Palm in the Apple Grove [ProphecyBoy]


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