Palm Slips OS 2 Date, New Smartphones Due Later in 2009

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Palm's been quietly developing its OS II, and says it'll now be finished by the end of this year, meaning we can expect to see handsets bearing the OS sometime after June 2009. It's another delay to the Linux-based OS, also dubbed Nova, with Palm's CEO originally promising OS II handsets in 2007: current Palms like the Centro use OS 5.4m, also known as 'Garnet' which has its roots in 2006. Bad news for Palm fans, though you could argue the extra development means the OS should be in even better shape to take on the iPhone, BlackBerries and Windows Mobile phones in its marketspace. [Reghardware]

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I guess Palm decided that Access will be doing better things with IT'S Linux-based OS that supports nearly all of the former Palm OS's applications.

Not like Palm can do anything with it any way, they don't even own Garnet anymore.

Considering how Palm has sold off it's best, brightest and most interesting parts over the years, I'm interested to see exactly how much disappointment will be generated over it's latest late lackluster effort.

I mean...YAY! New stuff from Palm!