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Ok, amidst all the buzz of the new Palm device, I'm sitting here, googling and studying stat pages, wondering whether or not we should care about the Treo 680. Compared to the 700p, it has a similar processor, screen, OS, with double the amount of RAM (64MB vs 32MB), the same amount of internal storage (64MB vs. 62MB), but lower res camera (640 by 480 vs 1280 by 1024). The case is the same size, but now without an external antenna. Sure, they're GSM models, so you're likely to see these phones on US carriers like T Mobile and Cingular. And they come in 3 new colors: white, orange, and red. I understand its supposed to be lower end, but I still expect more from Palm than taking a setup we're known for a year and making it a few bucks cheaper. Is this innovation? Do you care about the 680?


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