Palmer Watch: Day 104

Image: AP Art: Sam Wooley
Image: AP Art: Sam Wooley

It’s a new year folks, and we still have no idea what boy genius multi-millionaire Palmer Luckey is up to.

In the last edition of Palmer Watch, we learned that Luckey is moving to a new role within Oculus virtual reality, the company he founded and sold to Facebook for $2 billion. What, exactly, will that new role be? Facebook won’t say. It’s been over three weeks since it was announced, and Facebook hasn’t responded to our emails asking for more details on what his new endeavor within Oculus will be. Does he even work at the company anymore? Who knows!

If you don’t remember, Luckey dropped off the map in September after The Daily Beast published the cringe-worthy revelation that Luckey helped fund Nimble America, a political organization that focused on spreading anti-Hillary Clinton and pro-Donald Trump memes.


Palmer is almost definitely alive, as he’s still liking tweets on Twitter. But ever since the dust-up with Nimble America, he hasn’t made any public comments or appearances. He even stayed silent during a huge milestone for Oculus: the release of its much anticipated Touch controllers.

Palmer, if you’re reading this, come back!

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You know.. I was certain when the other guy got hit for Child Porn/Solicitation that that was a ‘fall on the sword’ manuever to get Palmer back in the driver’s seat but I was wrong.