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Palmer Watch: Day 55

Image: AP/Art: Sam Wooley
Image: AP/Art: Sam Wooley

It’s day 312 of the dark, dark year that is 2016. It’s also day 55 of Palmer Watch! Has anyone heard from him yet? Does the founder of Oculus VR, which Facebook bought for $2 Billion, even work there any more?


According to the New York Times, some Facebook employees are “worried about the spread of racist and so-called alt-right memes across the network.” The same employees were probably not so happy when it was revealed Palmer was involved in a group that focused on spreading anti-Hillary Clinton and pro-Donald Trump memes.

Palmer’s statement that he was “deeply sorry that my actions are negatively impacting the perception of Oculus and its partners” on September 23 was the last we’ve seen or heard from him. We’ll be back next Thursday to wish you Happy Thanksgiving!


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