Panasonic celebrates Sony Day by showing off two portable DVD players, the LX87-S (pictured here) and the LS80-K. Both have 8.5-inch screens and the LX87 has a 12-hour battery life, supposedly the industry's longest. As portable DVD players go, they've got all of the basics down: MP3 playback, JPEG viewing, compatibility with SD and SDHC memory cards, etc. The LX87 also sets itself apart from its lesser brother by including a 1Seg TV tuner. Though we'd still like to see Xvid playback one of these days. Both models will hit stores in Japan in April.


But back to that battery life. The Philips PET102, a 10-inch portable DVD player, can only muster a 4-hour battery life, or so says Cnet. Hmm, is losing 1.5 inches in screen real estate enough to justify battery life that's three times as long? We think so.

Press Release (in Japanese) [Panasonic via Akihabara News]

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