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Pantone Suitcases Have It Made in 15 Shades

Illustration for article titled Pantone Suitcases Have It Made in 15 Shades

Olive green, army green, pea green—when you travel, every bag looks the same, and you find yourself with that fear in the pit of your stomach that someone is going to snatch the wrong one (specifically, yours) off the carousel. That's less likely to happen if you have one of these smart, bright suitcases from Pantone Universe. Unless of course you're being robbed.


The wheeled packs are quite lovely. Available at the Nano Universe Shop, they come in 15 different colors, so whether it's cherry red or pastel pink you desire, they'll fit your fancy. With a 29-liter capacity, TSA zipper lock, and an extending pull handle, they can seriously upgrade your travel style—and perfectly match your freshly painted foyer. Now all you need is a destination. [Laughing Squid via Freshness]

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And it's only about US$200. Not bad.