Parallel Image Display Is Low-Res and Gorgeous

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Just because it isn't HD doesn't mean it can't be beautiful. The Parallel Image display uses photoreceptors to transmit brightness levels to the other side of the display. I'm in love with all of that gorgeous copper.


The project represents how video would be transmitted if serial data had never been invented. Each pixel in the 50x50 grid arrives on its own channel, hence the lovely mess of wiring.

I wouldn't want to string all that copper, but I sure don't mind looking at it. [Hack a Day via CruchGear]

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At first I thought this was a variant on LiTraCon (Light Transmitting Concrete) which is essentially concrete blocks with translucent fibers cast inside perpendicular to each face, that allows light to pass through while still maintaining the illusion of a piece of solid concrete. It's a pretty stunning material, and costs just as much as you think it would. Last i checked, each "block" was somewhere in the 20-30 dollar range, which adds up quick when you start to talk about entire walls of the stuff.