How many times have you wished for a friend selfless and insecure enough to camp out in a parking spot days before you need it, saving you both worry and hassle? Parkspot's here to take that role.

What does it do?

At participating garages, valets, and parking lots, Parkspot's time tracker makes sure you only pay for the time you're actually in the spot. Even better, you can reserve spots ahead of time based on your preferences and purchase history.


Why do we like it?

In big cities and especially during big events, finding a parking spot can turn into the most terrifying and frustrating game of Tetris you have ever played. You're forced to race insane drivers to tiny spots, and there's never even a guarantee you'll ever actually find one. The reservation feature completely takes the pain out of pre-event parking. Plus, the fact that that there's no paying extra for minutes you aren't actually in the spot is amazing. Hourly rates be damned.



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The Best:

Reserve your spot like a king

The Worst:

Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia only