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San Francisco Still Owes Steve Jobs $174 for Overpaid Parking Tickets

Illustration for article titled San Francisco Still Owes Steve Jobs $174 for Overpaid Parking Tickets

It turns out Steve Jobs’ legacy isn’t all rounded corners and chamfered edges: he also (accidentally) bequeathed the San Fransisco Municipal Transit Authority $174 in overpaid parking fines. He’s not alone—the SFMTA is trying to return $6 million in overpaid fines dating back to 1995.


According to NBC, the SFMTA had chronic problems from 1995 to 2012 with drivers overpaying fines, leading to $6 million in overpaid revenue. The agency is trying to return that money (without interest), which has led it to post the names and plate numbers of everyone who’s owed money on its site.

Notable among the list are Steve Jobs, owed $174 for four overpaid tickets, and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, $510 for four tickets. If they don’t claim their money by March 3rd, it all gets absorbed into the SFMTA budget. The agency hasn’t said how they’re preventing abuse of the reclaim process, but with the names, amounts and plates available online, at least one person is going to try and get Jobs’ leftover cash.



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Uhh ya... He was bit of an asshat about the parking thing and abusing the California 30 day plate thingy.…