PayPal Is Testing Out Mobile Payment at McDonald's Restaurants

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Just as it was announced last week that Square will become the mobile payment platform for Starbucks going forward, PayPal now has revealed it too has designs no the fastfood/payment game—its conquest: McDonalds.


Currently 30 different McDonald's restaurants in France are testing out the mobile PayPal payment method, a technology that is forthcoming in the next 24 months, a rep for the company confirmed with Reuters.

PayPal, Reuters notes, "has already signed up more than 15 retailers, including Home Depot and Office Depot, to accept PayPal payments in their stores." McDonalds, however, would be PayPal's holy grail.


This is all well and good, and it will be interesting to see how it works out, but I can't help but wonder who will need to pay for their Dollar Menu snacks with a mobile payment app. [Reuters]

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If I am standing at a POS, I almost certainly do not have my Paypal/eBay RSA login key with me (it stays at home locked in a safe), and without that, I am not accessing my Paypal account. Not going to happen. But so what? All Paypal does is take money out of my bank account which -SURPRISE!- is linked to the debit or credit cards already in my pocket, which I can already use to, you know, pay for stuff. This card-swipe thing works well.

So supposing I did happen to have my little RSA key, and I happened to actually know my ridiculously random Paypal password (and there was a way to enter it in public without being seen), ALL it would get me is a debit to the same account that I can already use to pay, which works just fine. Paypal at POS sounds like an awful lot of BS with literally no benefit to the user.

Paypal's original concept was to allow you to pay and receive money from random people who didn't have all that traditional infrastructure to take or make payments. You know, pay your pal. For lunch. Or pay for that crap you bought online. It filled a need. But what Paypals is doing now is trying to be the very thing that is already established: payments in actual businesses who already have payment clearing services. Paypal is not filling a need; they're just doing thing for their own purposes. No thanks.