PC World Editorial Firewall Breach, Part 2

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Wired has an interesting follow-up piece about Harry McCracken's resignation from PC World. Crawford's blog says that "We have and will continue to run editorial and content that both praises and criticizes as appropriate without regard to the vendor relationship."

But then a statement from IDG's Howard Sholkin: "The reason is that Colin and Harry had a disagreement on one opinion piece related to Apple and they could not come to a settlement as to how the differences should be resolved so Harry felt that necessitated him resigning." Hello IDG knuckleheads: The fact that management even has a say in editorial matters is wrong.


Crawford simply doesn't have the damn right, and this isn't a tiny little trade mag struggling to survive. Crawford claims the magazine is doing well enough this year, and that sort of financial breathing room should allow for even higher levels of integrity, not less. In the long run, selling out editorial will not lead to financial strength. Get your hands out of the pot, Crawford!

Epicenter's sources paint a picture of a staff meeting where he declares the opposite, though:

Will the next editor-in-chief have last-call on what goes in the magazine or will Crawford, essentially, always be asserting his rank over editors?

"And the answer was no, I'm going to have last call," the source said Crawford told them. "The response, essentially, was that the same damn thing would happen again (if someone clashed with him)."

I've known plenty of great PC World editors over the years, and I respect them all. Personally, I'm sorry they have to work under these conditions.

PC World Update [Wired Epicenter]


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