PC-XB01 Aftermarket Xbox 360 Case First Impressions (Verdict: Quieter...Sort Of)

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The guys over at bit-tech have got there hands on one of those aftermarket Lian-Li PC-XB01 cases for the 360 and offered up a few initial impressions. One of the major criticisms of the design was that it seemed to add a lot of bulk to the already large console. Bit-tech noted that it appeared smaller in person and could fit comfortably under one arm. They also claim that the Xbox was whisper quiet after installation, but it still made too much noise when a game was running. Bit-tech was also a bit concerned about the scratch prone brushed aluminum finish and what they considered to be shoddy craftsmanship in spots—but they still regard their overall first impression to be a positive one. No matter how you look at it, the XB01 case is definitely a lot bigger than the 360, the look is a matter of opinion, and it is not completely silent, so it really comes down to whether or not it does a good job of cooling down the console. Bit-tech hopes to have a temperature test up soon. [bit-tech]



My original xbox 360 works fine, first gen. Hell, my original xbox works fine (first gen, and I put a modchip in it.. held down with folded paper against the dvd drive). So, your mileage may vary.