PCs Get Wiimote-esque Motion Controller: The Stix

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Motion-controller fans who don't want to get into Wiimote modding now have a way of playing interactive internet games on their PCs with the Stix. No, not the '70s band...it's a new and very Wiimote-esque controller from GoLive2, touch sensitive and launched with a companion website that has hundreds of "free Web-based games," whatever they may be like. The Stix 200 works with these games, while the 400 version looks like it also works with normal PC games. Available in August, press release below.


GoLive2 Unveils Stix, a New Line of Wireless, Motion-Sensing Controllers Set to Redefine PC Gaming

Compatible with Thousands of Free Online Games, Stix Touch-Screen Controllers Bring Active, Motion-Sensing Gameplay to the PC

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. -(Business Wire)- Jul. 1, 2008 GoLive2, the independent gaming division of Playhut, Inc., today introduced Stix, a new line of wireless, motion-sensing gaming controllers for the PC and Internet. Redefining the PC and online gaming experience, Stix are wireless, touch-screen controllers that allow users to play thousands of free Web-based games as well as Games For Windows(R) titles with an active, motion-sensing play pattern. For the first time, players can abandon their mouse and keyboard to experience online and PC games in an entirely new way! Available at retailers nationwide in August, Stix are designed for players six years and older.

"Stix will completely change the way people experience online and PC gaming," said Brian Zheng, President, Playhut. "At purchase, Stix will be compatible with thousands of free online and retail games, and we're adding more games to that list daily. The fun is endless with Stix, and the wide-range of free, supported games makes this product perfect for every member of the family."

Introducing an unprecedented level of active gameplay to PC gaming, the motion-sensitive Stix are compatible with thousands of existing, free online games. GoLive2 will unveil two versions of the Stix available at launch: Stix 200 and Stix 400. Designed for casual gamers, Stix 200 adds active gameplay to 2D online gaming. Stix 400 is compatible with both 2D and 3D environments for the ultimate online and Games for Windows gaming experience.

As a compliment to the Stix product line, GoLive2 has also launched a free, online game portal called Sphere (http://Sphere.GoLive2.com) that provides hundreds of free games to play with Stix controllers. Sphere consists of both internally-developed games designed exclusively for the Stix as well as hosted games from online game developers that support Stix. Sphere also features a search engine that connects users to thousands of compatible, third-party free online games. In addition, users can configure their favorite PC games to preferred Stix settings. Finally, developers of all skill levels have the ability to create new games that harness the unique Stix gameplay pattern.

Stix will be available at retailers nationwide in August 2008, along with the Sphere companion site (http://Sphere.GoLive2.com).

For more information on the Stix line, visit http://www.GoLive2.com.




I can understand them making it touch screen to be compatible with so many games, but I can't imagine that being easy to play on :/

Especially as you're waving it around, hitting the wrong buttons or brushing another part of the touch screen with your thumb I suspect will be a big issue.