Okay guys, we know how hard it is to lift the toilet seat and then lower it back after you're done. Here's a solution to this age-old dilemma: the Peacemaker Toilet Seat Lifter.

This silly device gives you effortless control of that tremendously heavy and difficult-to-lift toilet seat by using a foot switch that raises the seat as you approach the john and lowers it back down when you're through. Apparently you must keep your foot on the pedal for the seat to remain up, which we see as a slight inconvenience.


Really, though, why can't we guys just remember to put the seat down when we're done? Are we that fucking stupid? Do we need $29.95 device to do this for us? Or is there a bit of injustice involved when males are ordered to lower the seat after they're done?

We're thinking that the mere act of spending $29.95 might serve as a reminder to raise and lower the seat properly. But then, there are more-civilized members of the male persuasion who have no trouble remembering this at all.

Why didn't you think of this?: The PeaceMaker Toilet Seat Lifter [GearFuse]