Pebble and PayPal Give You Another Stupid Way To Pay For Stuff

Tech companies are continuing with the long, hard struggle to rid the planet of credit cards. Today's slightly awkward solution comes courtesy of PayPal and Pebble, who will now let you ditch your wallet, provided you own a Pebble smartwatch, have a PayPal account, and shop at stores that take PayPal.

The system is a minor extension of PayPal's existing mobile payment solution — you can either 'check in' to stores in order to pay, or generate a payment code on your wrist to present to the slightly bemused cashier when they ask for your credit card. The interface looks like the normal clunky-but-practical fare you get with all Pebble apps. For the three people in the world who satisfy the criteria to actually make this useful, it's available to download now. [PayPal via VentureBeat]


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