People Are Having Trouble Charging Their New iPads

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Folks around the internet are reporting that the new iPad's battery isn't charging when it's pushed to its hardware limit. The culprit? Could be the giant freaking battery Apple shoved down the iPad's pants.


There are multiple threads on the official Apple forums and at MacRumors talking about the issue. It seems that the iPad just isn't charging with its 10W charger or in some supposedly-supported USB 2.0 ports. But why?

The issue stands up to basic common sense: If the new iPad has the same battery life as the older models, but needs a 70 percent larger battery to achieve that, it's got to suck more juice. Maybe more than the old charger can put out. And while it might be questionable to have a mobile product that doesn't charge when connected to some computers, it's outright dumb to ship the iPad with a wall charger that can't keep up with its power needs. As one MacRumors commenter notes: "The Air uses a charger that is 4 times larger for a battery of near equal size."

We noticed something similar on Friday when we were testing the new iPad. It wasn't accepting a charge from a high-powered USB 2.0 port/cable. Later on, it also had trouble charging from the 10W charger that came with it. Both times it was under a heavy load from benchmarking, graphics tests, and just generally downloading, installing, and using a million apps. And once, it displayed that it was charging, but still continued to drain instead of charge. That adds up to Apple's charger losing its battle against the laws of physics. Maybe it's time for a new one? [MacRumors, Apple]


I can't believe how dumb some people are. Really, I can't. Like the old saying goes "build something idiot proof and they will manage to create better idiots". When will people learn that you NEVER, EVER, buy such products as soon as they come out. You need to wait dummy. Wait until things gets settle and all problems are solved. Wait a few months and then buy it. Look at what has happened with previous Apple products. The iPod, the iPhone & the first 2 iPads. They always have some issues. Always, always. Not because they make bad products but because building an iPad is just not that easy. There are many variables to consider and it's certain that one of those variables will go the other way. The same happen with iOS updates. Never get the latest right away. Of course that this doesn't mean that Apple is not responsible for these errors but it's also the user's responsibility to buy "rationally" and THINK before spending their money. So, dummies, what are you going to do next time Apple delivers, say, the new iPhone? wait a little before giving your money away. I know, humans are really not good learners and they will, AGAIN, prove me right when they go out and buy the iPhone 5 the first day it comes out (probably in October). We will have this same story all over again. In my case, I'll wait a few months until I buy the new iPad (my first btw). You see, I'll wait a little longer dummies. Cheers and good luck.