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Maybe you're not in school anymore, but learning is a life-long pursuit. From now until August 14, S6 is hosting a Back to School Sale on all items in the The Gawker Artists Shop to help you pretty up your gadgets with laptop skins, iPhone cases, iPod skins and more. You can even class up your walls with some lovely modern art or dress yourself up with printed shirts and hoodies. Check in and take advantage of free shipping, domestic and international, on everything in the store.


Turning any of your iDevices into something even more distinctly you can start as low as $15 for iPod skins or $35 for iPhone cases. Sure, prices vary depending upon models and as prints increase in scale, but finding a print that's right for you is incredibly easy. For example, consider the Star Wars and superhero-centric work of Liam Brazier. During the Back to School Sale, the Superman price you see is the price you pay. Fill out some shipping and payment information and your brand-new Boba Fett adornments are on their way. No more, no less: that's it.

Or, consider the Limited Editions section of the same shop for some of the most refined prints available at such an absurdly low price as $90. Every work is part of a 100-edition run and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. There's something for everyone whether you choose a Limited Edition print or a skin for one of your gadgets, so head over before the sale ends!


Above: Don't print by Kira Leigh.

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