Pet Airways was designed to cater to, yes, your best friend. With potty breaks and attendants checking on your pet's comfort, they'll travel in the lap of luxury. Sort of.

Because no humans besides the flight crew are allowed—and because there aren't exactly effective seat-belts that'll keep your pets from wrecking havoc on the plane—your dogs and cats will still have to travel locked up in a carrier. But at least they'll be seated in the main cabin with temperatures that are "just right," with fresh circulating airways away from the cargo hold. After all, says the cheesy announcer, "Our pets are not luggage... They're paw-sengers!" Get it?


Pet Airways will begin service this coming July, in limited runs from LA, Chicago and NYC, starting at $150 for a one-way ticket—actually not a lot more than what the airlines charge to stick your cat in the cargo hold. [Pet Airways via Laughing Squid]

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