Peter Jackson's King Kong MP3 Player

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Hollywood bandwagon ahoy! Toshiba released a special "King Kong" edition of its Gigabeat mp3 player for the Japanese market. (Which explains that invitation Toshiba sent out for a "private viewing of King Kong" to "showcase our promotional partnership" on December 13.) Clutching desperately at straws or a stroke of certified genius? We'll let the 5 people who actually buy it decide that one.

So what kind of crazy King Kong-style features does it have? Hugely increased storage space? Ability to fold out into a trebuchet and hurl feces across the room? Unfortunately, no. This special edition Gigabeat has been King Kong-ified by:

1) a King Kong engraving on the back

2) it — you might want to sit down for this one — comes in
a King Kong-themed CARDBOARD BOX


3) it comes pre-installed with 5 King Kong wallpapers.

Other than that it's the same 20GB player as the non-special edition. However, the movie tie-in and the fact that this is also a limited edition (only 1,000 players are up for pre-order on the website) may help turn this thing into quite a hot little item.

Toshiba's King Kong Gigabeat [Product Page]

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