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Phantom Lapboard Shipping By The End of The Year, Promise!

Illustration for article titled Phantom Lapboard Shipping By The End of The Year, Promise!

Remember the Phantom Lapboard? Yeah, it's been so long that we've heard any news of it (despite them telling us that it was finally released), that most people have plumb purged it from their memory. According to Phantom Entertainment's recently updated blog though, the lapboard still exists and it's coming by the end of the year – for real this time! The Phantom Entertainment folks have paid for their first shipment of manufactured lapboards, and they'll be posting a delivery time frame soon. Good luck trying to generate buzz on your four-year-old almost-product, guys! [Phantom Entertainment]


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junior ghoul

as i recalled they tried to create an ideal setup, but in the process ran into so many problems that they had to reduce their product to little more than a sort odd keyboard and mouse.

the funny thing is, is that should they have succeeded, it would have (imho) potentially been one of the most successful products in a long time. buy the device which was essentially a laptop built into a keyboard, use it for 6 months, send it in with the appropriate amount of moolah, and in a week or so get it back with updated parts and get back to playing your games (only now at higher res and what not)


okay i dont know why that sounded so great to me in the past, but it did. loosing it every 6 months would suck, along with the constant payments (though they would be potentially doing it on a large enough scale to save you at least a few bucks) andd...i forget, was there anything else that was "special" about it? i think they dealt with any and all software stuff for you, so that, like a game system, you would never have to worry about drivers and blah blah blah, and also that there was no driver port (only a usb port or two)

question: if you could send your computer in to a company for a few days, and pay for upgrades that were lower than retail and you wouldnt need to worry about drivers or anything, would you buy that computer? i understand that this is not a full computer in alot of ways, but i figure that this is really aiming at the computer gamer. only problem is...(and this is what the question above is really asking) would the computer gamer be into something like that?