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Philips Reveals Copycat Apple TV Clone?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Philips has reportedly put together an answer to the Apple TV, and just about all we have so far are these pictures snagged at Computex 2007 in Taiwan showing a nondescript brushed aluminum box that looks like a cross between the Apple TV and a piggy bank with a coin slot up front.

Just like Apple TV, it streams audio and video from a network drive, but this one does it wirelessly, and unfortunately we're hearing its hard drive is a meager 40GB. Take a look at the ass-end of this sucker after the jump.


Hey, look at that, there's an HDMI port, and optical digital audio output, too.


Philips wasn't showing the interface of this upcoming Apple TV clone yet, nor was it revealing much more, but with that relatively puny 40GB hard drive, it's certainly not HDTV-friendly yet, and already has some catching up to do.

Also, there's something fishy about this picture: notice where the logo would normally be, it looks like the Photoshop clone tool may have been used. Hmm. As soon as we find out more about this intriguing mystery, you'll be the first to know.

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