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The Phoenix Wright franchise deserves a lot of credit for sticking to one of the least appealing-sounding concepts in game history. So anyway, here goes: Phoenix Wright, the comedic litigation game, is in the App Store for $5. Oh dear.


But no, really, Phoenix Wright is a great concept: You play as a defense attorney who, along with a wide cast of characters, investigate and try cases. It's impressive that Capcom managed to figure out a game mechanism—the point-and-click adventure game, weirdly enough—that can make this concept remotely plausible, and even more impressive that the series, which has actually become somewhat sprawling as of late, is consistently funny.

This version of Phoenix Wright seems to have been lifted more or less straight from the Nintendo DS—TouchArcade points out that Capcom didn't even change the vertical split-screen layout for the port—which is, in this very specific circumstance, probably fine. What's definitely fine is the price: $5, compared to the DS version, which despite its age still costs $30. [TouchArcade]


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