Phone Fingers Protect iPhone From Fingerprints, Have Obvious Sexual Uses

We don't know whether these phone fingers are real or not, but until the USB trouser press goes into production, these miniature, teatless, not-for-procreating-unless-you-lost-your-willy-in-a-freak-accident-and-had-a-rodent-penis-transplant condoms are my favorite useless thing evah. What else do you think they should be used for, though?


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Faked or not, I love the fact that the iPhone gets nicked at the end. Available in four sizes (that'll be sceptical, disbelieving, gullible and John, then) you can buy a bag of 25 for $9.90. [YouTube and Phonefingers via MacMerc]

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@Terminator12139: a new iphone but dont remove the plastic wrap film it is in (which is quite thick) and yet you can turn it on and use the touch screen.

Thanks for once again showing that you have no idea what your posting on.

But hey...your in great company here...there are plenty of folks that comment here that really could use somebody to FEDEX them a CLUE!

Ok quick somebody que the hordes of Apple haters...surely they havent missed out on slamming the iphone for this or some other imaged slight.

Oh and for the basically can only see skin oils or finger prints on the iphone when its black and off once the display is only see the wonderfully bright vibrant hi-res screen.

Maybe one day those here that cant seem to get it right will save enough up to actually get one and then have some CLUE!