Phonehenge West; Too Beautiful For This World

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I know reception is often hard to get in some areas, but this is a little drastic, no? The owner/builder of what's been dubbed "Phonehenge West" has been ordered to tear the building, made mostly of telephone poles, down.

Talk about taking your work home with you—Alan Fahey is actually a retired phone service technician, who's been working on the 20,000sq/ft array of 13 building for 30 years. It's kind of hard to understand what style he's actually going for with the building, which includes a 70-foot tower, so it's not unexpected that the council wants it disappeared, and fast.

Fahey has been charged with 14 misdemeanor counts, and is facing fines for now, but jail might be on the cards if he doesn't tear it down. Of course, he plans on appealing the verdict, as crazy artists are wont to do, but it doesn't look good for the Antelope Valley resident. [LA Times]