Illustration for article titled Photo of Boeings Matrix Laser Destroying an Air Drone

Boeing has successfully tested their new Matrix laser over airborne targets, which is a world's first. In total, they shot down five drones at various ranges. That's a lot of pew pew in a day.

The Air Force and Boeing achieved a directed-energy breakthrough with these tests. MATRIX—Mobile Active Targeting Resource for Integrated eXperiments—performance is especially noteworthy because it demonstrated unprecedented, ultra-precise and lethal acquisition, pointing and tracking at long ranges using relatively low laser power.


I'm sure that description would get Governor Tarkin wet, but if that weren't enough, Boeing—along with the Air Force and the Army—also tested the Laser Avenger, a kinetic-laser hybrid weapon that fires a high power ray coupled with a 25mm machine gun.

Obviously, the kids in the funny uniforms are happy with their new toys, but I would like to see if they can do the same with a small thermal exhaust port only two meters wide. [Boeing via PopSci]

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