Can this be possible? Could this be the fabled iPhone nano? Did someone get into his ninja gear, break into John Ive's Secret Lair 1.5 miles below Infinite Loop and escape alive after being chased by giant killing spider robots and Steve Jobs clones with laser eyes? [UPDATE: in one word: NO! Isn't it obvious?]

Honestly, we don't have a clue about that. The truth is that we found this crap amazing discovery in one of the darkest corners of IFA, a remote area where people wear David Hasselhoff Live in Taipei T-shirts, floggers tried to sell us iPod Terminators (don't ask) and Addy had to beat some guy's ass with her kung-fu mojo (video of this later) when he tried to whack me to get my JesusPhone.


[UPDATE: Alright people, it's a bloody knock-off, for chrissakes. Isn't that obvious? The photo was taken at IFA 2007, in the Chinese area.]

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