Photoshop Contest: Is Steve Jobs Good or Evil?

Illustration for article titled Photoshop Contest: Is Steve Jobs Good or Evil?

Oh, Steve Jobs. What to make of you? On the one hand, you've created some of the most beloved technology of the modern era. On the other hand, you're a tyrant, a miser, and you rule over your empire with an iron fist and a cold heart. So which is it? Is the Steve a golden god who can do no wrong, or is he a devil in disguise? That's for you to decide. That's right, my friends: it's time for another Gizmodo Photoshop Contest! Read on to find out how to enter and have your work live forever in our Gallery of Champions.


Simply create a masterwork featuring his Steveness in either the most evil light possible or the best light possible, then email your final piece to with the subject line of "Steve Jobs Chop" and with the filename being of the format "FirstName_LastName.jpg." Don't screw this up; if you don't use the proper email formatting we might not see your email. You have through the weekend to do your work and get it in, then early next week the Gallery of Champions will go up for all to see. Onward, artists! Let us see your talents! [Image by Logan Lape]



@nutbastard: Not only am I doing that... I am just going to submit the art at the top of the article.