Photoshop's Phone Sex Ad is the Weirdest Update Request Ever

Software updates exist to patch vulnerabilities and to add features, and installing those updates is just common sense. Photoshop will usually remind you on startup if you haven’t updated, but Adobe has gone the extra mile and created an ad based on phone sex hotlines.


The update includes a content-aware crop tool and font suggestions, which are probably a huge turn-on for someone. Maybe it will run even slower on my Macbook Air now, because sensuality can’t be rushed, guys. Oh baby, I hope that font suggestion tool is working because ❄♒♓⬧ ♓⬧ ♎♓⬧♑◆⬧⧫♓■♑ ♋■♎ ✋📪 ♐□❒ □■♏📪 ❒♏♐◆⬧♏ ⧫□ ◻♋❒⧫♍♓◻♋⧫♏ ♓■ ♓⧫📬

Gross, guys. Gross.

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“I too have seen Hotline Bling” - Adobe