Picking up Wi-Fi is Like Picking up a Prostitute

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This fun video personifies the prowl for Wi-Fi. You could pay the password-pimp for a fast connection, but what about that loose hotspot? Jumping on free Wi-Fi is easy, but only while it lasts, and you gotta watch for viruses:

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Two things the video misses:
1. Trying out a bunch of standard passwords before getting bored and moving on.
2. That asshole at every airport pulling the "Free Wi-Fi" ad-hoc network scam. You'll get online, but they'll swipe your passwords. Sort of like a pimp not making you pay, but filming and selling a video of it without you knowing.

By the way, am I the only one that thinks free Wi-Fi looks kinda like Juliette Lewis? Who woulda thunk it.