Pitch Us Your Best TV Shows

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All this week, we've been talking about the TV that ate our brains, but now we want to know about the TV that's eating yours... Not that it exists yet. We want to know what your ideal TV show is.

You can pitch us an all-new idea, a spin-off of an existing series or concept, or whatever you want... as long as it's something more interesting than "All of Grace Park's scenes from Battlestar Galactica in long, lingering, slow-motion with a soundtrack by popular 1990s European dance act 2Unlimited" - We've seen that kind of thing before, thanks to the wonders of personal video editing software.* Use the comments section below to hit us with your best shot, as Pat Benitar once so poignantly sang, and we'll announce our arbitrarily-chosen favorite this time next week.

(* - This is, of course, a joke. We'd never go with 2Unlimited following their disappointing reunion gig. It's Technotronic all the way.)