Pixel Qi: The Display That Will Make You Want an E-Reader

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We've gone through it time and time again: One of the most formidable problems e-readers need to overcome is the expensive and primitive issue of e-ink. But Mary Lou Jepsen, of OLPC fame, has a new display that just might make the e-reader a viable, desirable, and even inexpensive gadget.

We've known about Pixel Qi technology for awhile, and it's been steadily progressing to production. It's basically a two-mode LCD: One for typical use, and one "reflexive" mode that requires much less energy and is easier on the eyes. Well, Josh Quittner over at Time actually got to check out a Pixel Qi display, and was awfully impressed.


He brands the colors about as vibrant as a typical LCD and said video "ran perfectly smoothly" (yes, Pixel Qi is capable of both color and video). Jepsen claims battery life at around 40 hours of use, which isn't quite up to the marathon-like endurance of the Kindle but is still impressively long. Best of all, Jepsen states that the Pixel Qi is ready for production now, at a relatively cheap price: Only about $200 for a 10-inch screen. This might finally be the tech that brings e-readers up to their potential, so please, manufacturers, bring on the Pixel Qi e-readers! [Time]

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i would rather hold a book than look at another screen. i look at monitors and displays all day. nothing beats the look and feel of a novel when it comes to reading. IMO